of Highland is for students in grades 7-12. Our desire is to see Jesus worshiped in families and the lives of individual students, to the glory of God, through meeting Jesus, growing in faith and love for him, and engaging in his mission! At Youth group we challenge students to dig deeper into Gods Word and practice honesty and transparency to build one another up as fellow believers in Christ. 

Student Forms for those who desire to be involved in ministry related gatherings and activities (see bottom of this page)



*7-8th grade students meet - 6-7:30pm

      The middle of September through the middle of May

*9-12th grade students meet - 7:30-9pm

      The middle of September through the middle of May

Summer Schedule: *Changes as seen in parent portal.

The summer schedule is typically a blend of spiritual growth through small groups and sermons and community growth through fun events and experiences. 

PAREnt Information

If you would like to access our parent portal which features both schedules, upcoming events, and overall information and resources for you and your student. You can click on the link below!

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Additionally weekly texts and updates are sent out to provide you with information for the upcoming week. If you'd like to be added to a weekly email & text sent out with student ministry updates, please click the link below.

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* In addition to our Wednesday night gatherings, we have a variety of other events throughout the year that challenge and encourage growth in the individual and group and provide opportunities to serve the church and those outside the church. Some of the major opportunities include: local retreats, a student conference in the spring, and a mission trip in the summer. See above announcements link for more detailed information.


Questions: Contact

circleemail  Pastor Dawson

for more information.