APRIL 12 - easter ONLINE


awana update / student ministry update

Awana clubs meeting Wednesdays by phone.  

Student Ministry will meet starting April 1st online over Zoom. Click here for more details.

Click Here to view a letter regarding Highland Gatherings.

See the Passion Week Daily Devotional below.


Mark 11: 12—19.  
  1. The two mile journey from Jerusalem to Bethany records Jesus as being hungry.  
  2. A fig tree bore fruit while it was leafing. Because the tree was in leaf, it was right to assume that figs would also be present. While it was not the season for leafing or fruit, this tree had matured early, leading Jesus to believe it also had fruit.   
  3. He cursed the fig tree because it did not bear fruit
  4. This is symbolic of the temple in Jerusalem and the hypocrisy of the leaders. 
  5. Jesus cleanses the temple a second time. The Court of Gentiles was overrun with merchants and money changers making a large profit by selling doves for the animal sacrifices and exchanging foreign currency for Jewish currency to pay the temple tax. People came from all over the Roman Empire to celebrate one of 3 annual pilgrimage feasts in Jerusalem.
  6. It is important to understand the actions of Jesus as being calculated, dramatic, and not driven by uncontrollable rage. It expresses His disappointment at humans’ ability to turn holy things and rhythms into profane and empty rituals.